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The Community Leverage - Equal Access to Soccer (CLEATS) Foundation is incorporating this year as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization to provide scholarships and support for aspiring athletes in need of financial help.

The CLEATS Foundation draws support from individuals and businesses in the New Hampshire community to help financially strapped families pay the following soccer-related expenses:

  • Club fees
  • Training fees
  • Uniforms
  • Tournament travel and housing
  • Winter skill development
  • Other financial barriers that impede full participation
92% of Americans recognize that participating in sports is an important part of youth development, and nearly 89% agree that participating in sports helps build good character in their children.

Financial setbacks, such as a substantial increase in gasoline prices, military deployment, or the sudden loss of a job, often leave kids sidelined while families struggle through difficult times.

The CLEATS Foundation strives to help stretched families as well as impoverished youth throughout New Hampshire gain equal access to soccer organizations and training opportunities.

How Can I Help?

Show your support for the CLEATS Foundation in the following ways:

Join Us: As an active member of the community, your time, energy, and talents are the cornerstone of the CLEATS Foundation. Please email info@cleatsnh.org for more information about volunteer opportunities.

Partnership: CLEATS provides New Hampshire businesses with a unique opportunity to connect with youth, fitness, and families. Please email info@cleatsnh.org to learn more about the benefits of our partnership programs.

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